Bitcoin - Monero
00 : 00   11-03-2021
1 BTC  =  XMR
Market cap.
$ 1020.79B
Volume (24h)
$ 20.8B
Range (24h)
$ 53.04К - $ 55.84К
Bitcoin to Monero Calculator

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Convert BTC to XMR

Bitcoin to Monero Exchange Is at Your Service


Are you looking for a secure BTC to XMR exchange? Our exchange platform is at your full service. On our platform, you can transfer Bitcoin to Monero without any issues.

Our converter offers you some benefits that no other Bitcoin to Monero exchange has in a bundle:

  • The best rates are selected carefully by our Smart Rate tool to make your every swap more profitable;
  • Reversible transactions guarantee that even if you make a mistake, you won’t lose your funds;
  • A Trustee wallet is set up for your convenience, it supports all the coins listed on the exchange;
  • All the major coins are available;
  • You can use any currency (US dollar, Euro, or other), to swap coins on our Bitcoin to Monero exchange.

Here, you can convert BTC to XMR confidently, with the best conditions. 


BTC to XMR Converter Adds Confidence


You might be wondering about the safety of your coins whenever you use our BTC to XMR converter to convert your crypto. We collaborate closely with Crystal Blockchain Analytics to ensure top safety for your every transaction. We guarantee that when you use our BTC to XMR converter, you get clean coins only, those that have never been involved in any criminal activity. 

If you use our Bitcoin to Monero Converter, you don’t need to provide personal data. You can use our BTC to XMR exchange anonymously. 


Bitcoin to Monero Converter Offers All the Needed Functionality 


Before any transaction, use our calculator to check what you are getting to your wallet if you perform an exchange with our Bitcoin to Monero converter. The calculator is available for free and provides the exchange results based on the most recent exchange rates. It displays the sum that is going to be credited to your wallet. We don’t charge any commissions for your transactions. 

To check whether you will be happy with the transaction results, just provide in the calculator:

  • The coin you would like to sell;
  • The amount of coins;
  • The coin you would like to buy.

The result will be displayed in a couple of seconds. The displayed result is the sum that you will get. 


For mobile users, all the functions of our BTC to XMR converter are available on Android and iOS devices via a special app. Download the needed app directly from our website, and enjoy the complete functionality from the comfort of your favorite mobile device. If you prefer not to download an app, just open the exchange website in your preferred browser. 


With our converter, you get the simplicity of use that is needed for beginners and the functionality that will satisfy even the most demanding and experienced traders.

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