Convert ETH to XVG With Ease!

We are glad to offer the perfect tool for those who need a swift, reliable, safe service, able to convert multiple cryptocurrencies, including ETH to XVG exchange.

It’s easy (and free) to start even for beginners. Enjoy our mobile app, prominent to swap Ethereum to Verge.

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Scan the QR code to install Trustee Wallet from the market
Scan the QR code to install Trustee Wallet from the market

The Manual on How to Swap ETH to XVG

Exchange the asset effortlessly in a few steps:


Choose Ethereum to Verge pair.


Specify the amount of coins to swap.


Run the “Search best offer” option.


Confirm the transaction and expect Verge in your wallet.

Our Benefits

There is no more need to search for the most expedient rate manually or perform any calculations. Here are benefits you get with Trustee:

Swift transactions at any time

Smart Swap option including an automatic best rate search and fee calculations

Great variety of the cryptocurrency pairs

Advanced security

24/7 qualified technical support

Additional ETH to Verge Exchange Options

Convert any cryptocurrency pair including ETH to XVG exchange with Trustee.Our app simplifies the process by automatically choosing the best rate to provide beneficial  ETH to XVG exchange.  However, the recommended service can be changed manually if required.

Welcome instant, transparent, and accessible digital currency transactions on your mobile device!