Russia Invaded Ukraine

Here you can donate to help Ukraine 

Using this link you can quickly, easily and simply buy cryptocurrency. Funds from this address will go to help the victims of war in Ukraine. It's time to do everything to stop senseless bloodshed! No to War!

Using these details you can help the army and victims of war in Ukraine

Official cryptocurrency wallets, where you can transfer money for the Ukrainian army
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Solana (SOL)
Dogecoin (DOGE)
Monero (XMR)
Accounts of the National Bank of Ukraine
Non-governmental funds that raise funds for the army

How to help Ukrainian army and Ukrainian people

Today, the  war in Ukraine is an unprecedented unmotivated act of cruelty, violation of all wartime laws, and the deliberate and brutal destruction of peaceful people. The whole world is united in its desire to help the Ukrainian army and civilians. There are many ways how to help Ukraine. To simplify the provision of financial assistance, Ukraine, as a crypto-friendly country, accepts donations in cryptocurrency. Everyone, regardless of whether he has a crypto-wallet, can help Ukraine in crypto.

How to donate crypto to Ukraine with Trustee Wallet.

If you are wondering how to help Ukraine in crypto in the easiest way possible, we will tell you. Trustee Wallet development team works in Ukraine and makes cryptocurrency donations easier. Аny person can can quickly, easily and simply buy cryptocurrency via his/her bank card and send it directly to the Reliable Fund. To make a donation you only need to specify the fiat currency for which the purchase is made and its amount. Then the system of crypto wallet automatically sends an appropriate amount of cryptocurrency to the Fund. Now when you know how to help Ukraine, you can join the powerful army of cryptodonators. Every coin can bring closer the hour of putin’s regime’s downfall.