How to import a wallet

Trustee Wallet application allows an unlimited number of wallets, generated both in Trustee and in other services. To import a new wallet into an existing Trustee wallet, follow the steps:

  1. In Settings, open My wallets, select Add wallet.
  2. Select the Restore wallet option. Enter the Recovery phrase of the wallet that is being imported.
    Important! Do not change the original order of words. Any change of the original sequence will result in the creation of a new wallet.
    1. Specify the name of the new wallet in the Settings (Cog icon in the down-left corner) if necessary.
    2. Your wallet will be imported and accessible after you enter the correct Recovery phrase. You can switch between wallets either from Settings or swapping them on the main screen.
    3. You can change the names of your wallets anytime in Wallet settings: select the four dots icon beside the name of the respective wallet, on the My wallets screen. You can also designate the wallet as Favorite and it will display on top of the list.