Prominent Way to Convert XRP to BTC

Trustee is the optimum choice for those who are looking for a  service supporting XRP to BTC and making the process safe and convenient. Moreover, our service delivers an opportunity to swap many other cryptocurrency pairs.

Feel the difference with the Trustee! Try our mobile app to swap Ripple to Bitcoin and you won’t ever think about any other service.

Scan the QR code to install Trustee Wallet from the market
Scan the QR code to install Trustee Wallet from the market

How to Swap XRP to BTC?

Trustee helps to make the Ripple to Bitcoin exchange process easy and comprehensive even for beginners.


Select XRP in the “You give” field. In the “You get” field choose Bitcoin.


Enter the number of XRP coins to be exchanged to BTC.


Press the “Search best offer” key.


If the data is accurate, confirm the transaction.

Our Benefits

There is no more need to search for the most expedient rate manually or perform any calculations. Here are benefits you get with Trustee:

Swift transactions at any time

Smart Swap option including an automatic best rate search and fee calculations

Great variety of the cryptocurrency pairs

Advanced security

24/7 qualified technical support

Extra Options of Trustee XRP to Bitcoin Exchange

Unless the user needs XRP to BTC exchange, our service offers any other cryptocurrency swap, purchase or withdrawal. When the XRP to BTC exchange is complete, Trustee will send a notification.

Trustee is compatible with any mobile device whether iOS (iPhone) or Android.

Usually it takes just a few minutes to complete any transaction.

Download our app to take all the advantages of Trustee!