About Us

Our team started working in 2016 to create innovative products in the field of censorship-resistant distributed systems.  The company was registered in 2018 in the USA. Our main product is an app that allows storing and performing operations with cryptocurrency.

Trustee Wallet is an innovative non-custodial multi-currency crypto-wallet with an inbuilt exchange. With it, you can send and receive virtual assets with your Visa/MasterCard.
Trustee Wallet offers cryptocurrency adepts a wide set of functions and removes obstacles in the use of cryptocurrency to newbies.

Our Mission

  • We create value by increasing the efficiency of your assets.

  • We unveil the full potential of your assets; you are the only one who controls them.

  • We remove barriers to the use of cryptocurrencies .

We are a family company for a reason. We are not just colleagues and employees but friends, and support, motivate, and help each other achieve our common goals.


Our company is a key player in Eastern Europe and we are one of the fastest growing companies in the crypto-industry. We organize training sessions for both our users and our team members.