Buy Bitcoin with bank card anywhere in the world!

Trustee Wallet application allows you to buy Bitcoin with credit card for dollars without additional fees.

Here, you can buy Bitcoin with Visa more profitably than if you use an exchange.

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How to Buy Bitcoin with a Card

Step-by-Step instructions on how to buy Bitcoin online for dollars with a bank card issued by any bank in the world (Visa or MasterCard). 

Download a Trustee Wallet app and write down the seed-phrase. This is the best crypto wallet for iOS and Android
Go to the section “Swap”
Select the desired cryptocurrency, specify the amount of currency and payment method
Add a bank card or PSP
Choose the most profitable and convenient provider
Check the operation information and Confirm it

Price change (24h)
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Volume 24h

Our Benefits

Profitability - Inbuilt Exchange Monitoring
  • smart algorithm looks for the best exchange rate in real-time mode
  • the best fees for operations with bank cards
  • no fees for transactions between Trustee wallets, only fees of miners apply 
  • cashback and profitable referral program
Anonymity and Safety Technologies
  • you don’t need to provide any documents or personal information
  • a unique seed-phrase protects your anonymity and guarantees safety for your funds
  • transparency – open code is available on GitHub
  • safety proven by specialists
Comfort of Use
  • easy-to-use intuitive interface
  • exchange, purchase and sell crypto coins within a couple of simple steps
  • an opportunity to personalize the graphic interface
  • convenient sorting of coins and tokens according to different parameters
  • embedded blockchain browsers
Trustee Booster Kit
  • allows to avoid excessive expenses with outcoming transactions
  • allows to send assets to several recipients in one transaction, which saves funds significantly 
  • an opportunity to reverse the transaction and get the funds back
  • an opportunity to speed up frozen transactions
Wallet Connect
  • safe and convenient connection to the decentralized finance market
24/7 Customer Support
  • professional 24/7 customer support

Special Features of Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC) is cryptocurrency that was at the origins of the crypto market. This cryptocurrency was created with an idea to facilitate money transfers and eliminate the intermediaries. Users from all around the world can buy BTC. Trustee allows us to store, transfer or exchange Bitcoins safely. With a Trustee Wallet, you can buy BTC with credit card. Also, it is easy to buy Bitcoin with debit card. 

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Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card and Debit Card and Store It In One Place

Using cryptocurrency and sending it through a crypto wallet has already become mainstream in modern finance. The spheres of its use are wide enough and currently platforms like PayPal already accept crypto as payment.

People also start trading either for getting revenues or simply to obtain digital currency and be able to use it for different purposes and wallets can serve for trading operations too.

Can Trustee Help You Buy BTC With Credit Card Securely?

If you also want to buy Bitcoin using credit card, we want you to have some good tools to do it successfully. Even if a cc (credit card) is your only payment method, it’s okay because Trustee can work with any bank card. Read more about it and find out how to buy BTC online and store them on the same address.

Trustee Wallet is a multi-functional crypto wallet that strikes with its simplicity of use and smart features. Here is what you can get with it.

  • Profitable purchases of crypto coins.

The tool lets you buy BTC with credit card at the best rates possible. The function named Smart Swap uses advanced technology used for identifying and reflecting the best exchange rate based on the analysis of liquidity. This takes place in real time to grant accuracy and maximum profit.

  • Safe storage and confidentiality.

All of your data is kept protected and funds are stored safely. Third parties cannot have unratified access to any of your contacts or card data. Visit GitHub to see the proofs of this security technology.

  • Quick access to cryptocurrency in the address.

If you plan to buy BTC with credit card and manage your digital currency with the help of a smartphone, it’s best to download the Trustee App to have instant access to the place your funds are stored. The tool is found both at App Store and Google Play.

  • Intuitive design and navigation.

The app is constructed in such a way that even a user with a 5-minute experience can find the easiest way to buy BTC with debit card. Its simple menu makes Trustee easy to use.

The useful blog section, and price tracking instruments that can be found exclusively on the website (such as price charts for specific coins) will make your experience even more perfect.

  • Cashback for return customers.

Using the app regularly will result in getting attractive perks and significant cashback from every crypto operation as you purchase Bitcoin with credit card.

  • No additional fees.

Another valid reason to buy Bitcoin with debit card at Trustee is the absence of hidden fees. The only thing you pay is the miner’s fee in cryptocurrency transactions so you’re free from unexpected charges.

Is It Real to Buy Bitcoin With Debit Card In a Minute?

One of the numerous pluses of Trustee Wallet is fast transaction processing.

The Trustee wallet app also allows you to buy, sell and send crypto coins to other users. All types of cards are supported so you can buy Bitcoin with MasterCard or buy Bitcoin with Visa without much waiting time.

In reality, even the most voluminous transaction of crypto will take you a few minutes. Smaller purchases or sendings will take seconds. Isn’t it the best app to buy Bitcoin with credit card instantly?

How to Buy Bitcoin With Visa and MasterCard

The first step to take when desiring to buy Bitcoin instantly with debit card, is to download the Trustee App on your iOS or Android device. Then, go to Exchange section, choose the cryptocurrency you are interested in and specify the method of payment.

After this, you are to choose the best rate to buy Bitcoin with credit card and add its credentials. Listing other important details for the transaction is highly important at this stage. Just keep in mind that Trustee doesn’t accept prepaid cards. But it’s possible to buy BTC with credit card of any kind.

As you see, Trustee is one of the safest and cheapest ways to raise your stock of crypto coins and turn fiat cash into digital one in a few seconds. Try to buy Bitcoin with debit card at least once and you will never want to change the wallet.

How to Buy Bitcoin Online at the Best Rate Fast and Easily?

Are you looking for a safe place where you could buy Bitcoin online without any complications? Don’t look further. Trustee Wallet App is exactly what you need. Not everyone knows that it’s the best place to buy Bitcoin online and trade other popular coins as well. You need to make several simple steps to get the app and start using without any specific knowledge and skills. TrusteeWallet is an open-source wallet that provides users with many opportunities.

Buy BTC Online in a Flash

Today, you  can buy BTC online with several clicks. You just need to download a Trustee Wallet App on your iOS or Android mobile phone and follow intuitive instructions. It’s possible to avoid a time-demanding registration and verification procedure when you use a Trustee Wallet App. After the download, you need to write down the seed phrase that will help you to restore access to your wallet in any challenging situation, pick the crypto you need, and mention what payment method fits you best.

So, how to buy Bitcoin online with several clicks? It’s much more convenient to do from Trustee than from different platforms. You can buy Bitcoin online with credit card without being a trading guru. The Trustee Wallet has a user-friendly interface where all the steps are clear and understandable for an average user.

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Best Place to Buy Bitcoin Online Safely and Easily

Do you want to buy BTC online profitably? Trustee is a universal crypto wallet that provides access to many possibilities in the crypto world. You can buy BTC online with credit card and make the most out of each trade. It’s due to the fact that there is a Smart swap system that helps to buy bitcoin online profitably. An inbuilt monitoring system compares options available in the market within seconds and picks the most suitable one based on your exchange data. Just choose the crypto to sell/buy and make a deposit. When you use Trustee wallet, you can enjoy the lowest commissions. Transfer currency for free without the commission and pay only the miner’s fee. Moreover, you can take part in the CPA or cashback program and earn a solid cashback from all cryptocurrency operations done via Trustee. 

After you purchase Bitcoin following the step-by-step instructions above, you can store your crypto at the same Trustee Wallet.  It’s a multi-functional tool for crypto users that makes it possible to buy, sell, exchange, and store coins in one place. It’s the best platform for those who want to perform crypto swaps within seconds and be sure that their exchange is done at the most profitable rate. You don’t need to conduct research and analysis of the market on your own. Entrust this to the smart algorithms the wallet is based on. It’s one of the best places to go where you can store bitcoin safely and easily.

One more reason to choose Trustee as your crypto wallet is a possibility to speed up transactions without additional investment. Most online exchange platforms put a higher commission by default while Trustee avoids hanging transactions with the help of the Trustee Booster Kit technology. It provides an opportunity to send assets to more than one recipient at a time and not overpay.

Download Trustee Wallet! Go beyond the old financial system!

Download Trustee Crypto Wallet

Scan the QR code to install Trustee Wallet from the market

Download Trustee Crypto Wallet

Scan the QR code to install Trustee Wallet from the market