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Use Trustee Wallet to exchange usd to cryptocurrency with the best exchange rate with the lowest fees. Anonymous, safe, profitable service.

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How to Buy USDT with a Card

Step-by-Step instructions on how to buy USDT with a card issued by any bank (Visa, MasterCard, MIR, and others). 

Download a Trustee Wallet app and write down the seed-phrase. This is the best crypto wallet for iOS and Android
Go to the section “Swap”
Select the desired cryptocurrency, specify the amount of currency and payment method
Add a bank card or PSP
Choose the most profitable and convenient provider
Check the operation information and Confirm it

Price change (24h)
Market capitalization
Volume 24h

Our Benefits

Profitability - Inbuilt Exchange Monitoring
  • smart algorithm looks for the best exchange rate in real-time mode
  • the best fees for operations with bank cards
  • no fees for transactions between Trustee wallets, only fees of miners apply 
  • cashback and profitable referral program
Anonymity and Safety Technologies
  • you don’t need to provide any documents or personal information
  • a unique seed-phrase protects your anonymity and guarantees safety for your funds
  • transparency – open code is available on GitHub
  • safety proven by specialists
Comfort of Use
  • easy-to-use intuitive interface
  • exchange, purchase and sell crypto coins within a couple of simple steps
  • an opportunity to personalize the graphic interface
  • convenient sorting of coins and tokens according to different parameters
  • embedded blockchain browsers
Trustee Booster Kit
  • allows to avoid excessive expenses with outcoming transactions
  • allows to send assets to several recipients in one transaction, which saves funds significantly 
  • an opportunity to reverse the transaction and get the funds back
  • an opportunity to speed up frozen transactions
Wallet Connect
  • safe and convenient connection to the decentralized finance market
24/7 Customer Support
  • professional 24/7 customer support

Buy USDT With Credit Card and Enjoy the Best Exchange Rates

If you have got used to having different tools for many purposes in your financial sphere, you might be surprised to find out that Trustee Global combines the features of many. First and foremost, it is a crypto wallet that guarantees safe storage and immediate access to the funds. 

At the same time, Trustee has great use as a conversion tool. It is the safest and easiest way to buy, sell, or send your digital currency to another account just using a CC (credit card). What makes Trustee especially useful is the rate for online exchange that is defined by the smart algorithm.

Crypto Wallet That Lets You Buy Tether With Credit Card 

With the crypto revolution we experience right now, a lot of services such as PayPal started to accept crypto payments. And it’s no wonder – digital currency becomes more and more used. 

Many services on the web offer to buy USDT online but it’s hard to find a place that can accept many types of bank cards. 

The Trustee wallet is very flexible in this sense as it allows users to sell or buy Tether with a credit or debit card and doesn’t require verification. Hence, you can turn your cash into BTC or Altcoin in no time and at the cheapest conversion rate.

Credit cards accepted by Trustee include MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, or others. The only exception is prepaid cards – they are not accepted by the converter.

Buy USDT With Debit Card and Store It In Your Trustee Mobile Wallet Account 

Just like with credit cards, it doesn’t take long to buy USDT with debit card. Even if it is the only payment method you have, the conditions will be the same as when you buy Tether with credit card. 

All the best features of exchanges and Trustee tools are available for you including its best rates for exchange, being free from additional fees, having considerable security measures, and having a chance to analyze the market before you buy Tether with credit card. 

How to Buy USDT With a Credit Card In a Minute

Now, when you already know where to buy USDT with a bank card, it’s time to give you a short guide on how to buy USDT with TrusteeGlobal. 

To buy USDT online with a credit card, take a few easy steps. 

  1. Download the Trustee app.
  2. Create your address on Trustee and set the seed phrase. 
  3. Deposit costs for the future exchange at your crypto wallet. 
  4. Mention the amount of exchange in the app or go to the Crypto Exchange section on the website.
  5. Add your bank card.
  6. Check the transaction info and confirm the transaction. 

This is how simple it is to buy USDT with credit card. Trustee will guarantee smooth transactions without much waiting, good safety records, and a convenient way to calculate the sums of your cryptocurrency exchange (see calculator widget on the website). The calculator will show additional into as well – market cap, stock supply, etc. 

Listing the benefits of the Trustee wallet can take forever. But the sure-fire way to see them at once is to buy USDT with credit card and experience them yourself.

Download Trustee Wallet! Go beyond the old financial system!

Download Trustee Crypto Wallet

Scan the QR code to install Trustee Wallet from the market

Download Trustee Crypto Wallet

Scan the QR code to install Trustee Wallet from the market