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What is Trustee Wallet?

Trustee Wallet is a mobile application (software) that provides integration between different providers and the blockchain, allowing the user to conduct cryptocurrency transactions.

This software, which does not have access to the user’s assets and passwords, does not participate in operations and does not have any influence on them.

Trustee Wallet falls under all the characteristics of non-hosting wallets, it is not subject to regulatory requirements, and the Wallet Provider Company is not a money transmitter (financial services provider).


Thus, this wallet is not a product that provides services for the exchange of cryptocurrencies or does not carry out other activities in the field of cryptocurrencies.

What coins and tokens can I store in my wallet?


Default Tokens: USDT, UAX, TUSD, USDC, DAI, PAX, BNB

You can also connect your personal (custom) token on the Ethereum (ETH) and Tron (TRX) blockchains!

How to add a custom token to the wallet?

Click the “Add asset”, “Add an asset not from the list” button, specify the address of the custom token contract (can be found in the token information, for example, via for erc20 tokens and through for TRC10 / 20 tokens) and click Add. After that, find your token in the list of assets and click the “Add” button, wait while the data is synchronized.

How do I send a coin or token?

Go to the coin or token tab, click the “Send” button, specify the Beneficiary’s Address, Transfer Amount and a comment (optional), click “Next”. Select the network commission from the proposed options or set it to manual (custom commission), click “Submit”. Submission completed successfully. You can track the status of the transfer in the Transaction History.

How do I get a coin or token?

To accept payment, go to the tab of the required coin or token, copy the address and send it to the sender. You can also send the address to the sender in the form of a QR-code, for this click the “Receive” button and send the received QR-code to the sender.

I cannot send USDT and other tokens. Error!

To work with tokens, you need a positive balance of the “native” coin, since it is in it that the commission for the transaction is paid to the miners.

For example: to work with USDT erc20 you need ETH, to work with USDT Omni you need BTC, to work with USDT TRC20 you need TRX.

I cannot send 20 XRP from my wallet.

The Ripple (XRP) Ledger has a mandatory coin reserve of 20 XRP. These coins are used to activate your address and allow sending and receiving operations. It’s an untouchable balance – you can’t pull it off. To be able to manage XRP in Trustee Wallet, you must deposit 20 XRP to your address.

What is HD Wallet?

Hierarchical Deterministic (hierarchically determined), in the context of bitcoin, this means that addresses are in some way related to each other. In particular, you can use one address to get another, and use a seed phrase to generate many related addresses. You can accept Bitcoin to any of the generated addresses.

Why does bitcoin have two addresses?

Bitcoin has 2 address formats – Legacy and Segwit.
Legacy is the standard Bitcoin address format originally provided in the protocol and used by most crypto wallets and services.
SegWit is a new Bitcoin address format introduced in 2016. This format allowed increasing the throughput of transactions, as well as reducing commissions by up to 50%.

More information in the article.


What is a Transaction Hash?

A transaction hash (TxHash) is a transaction identifier (ID), consists of a sequence of alphanumeric characters and is unique for each transaction.

Where can I find the transaction hash?

If you are sending funds from Trustee Wallet, then the Hash can be found in the transaction details of a particular coin. If you receive funds – the hash must be provided by the sender!

What is network confirmation?

The process of including a transaction in the found block is called network confirmation of the transaction. Inclusion in 1 block = 1 confirmation.

How many network confirmations do you need to transfer funds to a wallet?

To display funds on the Trustee Wallet balance and to use them further, at least one network confirmation is required.


What is a seed phrase?

A seed phrase is a 12 or 24 word sequence required to restore access to the wallet. Be sure to keep the wallet seed phrase in a safe place, never, under any pretext, transfer the seed phrase to third parties!


I forgot to save my seed, where can I find it?

See the Settings menu -> Reserve wallet.

What happens to my funds if I lose my mobile device?

You need to install Trustee Wallet on a new device and import the wallet using a seed phrase. Settings menu -> Import wallet.

What are the ways to protect my wallet in Trustee Wallet?

To log in to Trustee Wallet, you can set a PIN, and also choose to log in by Fingerprint (Touch ID) or FACE ID.

I have forgotten my app PIN, what should I do?

In Trustee Wallet, there is no usual way to recover a PIN, as there is no personal user data to contact it. To change the PIN, you need to completely reinstall the application, import the seed phrase from the wallet and set a new PIN.

How do I change the PIN from the app?

Go to the Settings tab and select Change PIN, set and confirm a new PIN.

Can I import seed phrases from other wallets into Trustee Wallet?

Yes, you can import seed phrases from Metamask, MEW, Atomic, Paytomat and other non-custodial wallets into Trustee Wallet. The wallet supports 12 and 24 word seed phrases.

Where can I find private keys for coin addresses?

In Trustee Wallet, all private keys are stored as a seed phrase. We have deliberately ruled out the possibility of obtaining private keys for security purposes. Private keys can be obtained from the seed phrase through the service (For advanced users!).

Buying and Selling

What cryptocurrencies can I buy and sell with a credit card?

The following coins and tokens are available: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, UAX, USDT omni / erc20

What bank cards does Trustee Wallet support?

At the moment, Trustee Wallet successfully works with bank cards of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The card must have 3D Secure technology. Payments on Pre-paid cards are not made!

How to buy cryptocurrency from a bank card?

Go to the Buy tab, select the direction of purchase, specify the amount, add your bank card information and click “Buy”. Check out the purchase details and click Buy. Complete the purchase by entering the required card details. Expect the receipt of cryptocurrency in your wallet.

How to withdraw cryptocurrency to a bank card?

Go to the Sell tab, select the direction of sale, specify the amount, add your bank card information and click “Sell”. Review the sale details and click “Sell”, specify the network commission for the transaction and click “Submit”. Expect the receipt of funds to your bank card.

What is the wallet commission for converting?

Trustee commission is 0.2% of the exchange amount. The total conversion commission includes the provider’s commission + the Trustee Wallet commission and is:

Buying / selling for UAH cards: 1.7%
Purchase for RUB cards: 1.7%
Sale for RUB cards: 2.7% + 50 RUB
Buying through Qiwi: 0%

What are the buy / sell limits for UAH cards?

Purchase in one operation – from UAH 150 to UAH 24,000 (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, UAX, USDT omni / erc20)
Sale in one operation – from 41 UAH to 250,000 UAH (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, UAX, USDT omni / erc20)
The monthly limit for one card is UAH 250,000. You can add an unlimited number of cards to your wallet!

What are the buy / sell limits for RUB cards?

Purchase in one operation – from 5,329 RUB to 100,000 RUB (BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT omni / erc20)
Sale in one operation – from 210 RUB to 75,000 RUB (BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT omni / erc20)
The monthly limit for one card is RUB 600,000. You can add an unlimited number of cards to your wallet!

How long does it take for cryptocurrency to be credited to my wallet after purchase?

Cryptocurrency is sent to your wallet immediately after payment for the purchase. Transaction time depends on network congestion and, according to averaged data, is about 5 minutes for ETH, LTC, XRP, USDT erc20 and about 30 minutes for BTC and USDT omni.

How long does it take for funds to be credited to my bank card?

The sending of fiat funds to your card occurs immediately after receiving the cryptocurrency by the exchange provider (at least 3 network confirmations). According to the average data, such an operation is about 5 minutes for ETH, LTC, XRP, USDT erc20 and about 30 minutes for BTC and USDT omni.


Is it possible to exchange one cryptocurrency for another within the wallet?

Yes, use the “Share” button on the main screen of the application.

What trading pairs are there in Trustee Wallet?

For exchanging cryptocurrencies, Trustee Wallet provides many trading pairs, see all options directly in the application.

What is the commission when exchanging cryptocurrencies?

Trustee Wallet does not charge any exchange fees. It should be noted that the exchange itself takes place on the side of the partner-exchange provider, whose commissions are already included.

How to make an exchange?

Go to the Exchange tab, click the “+ Exchange” button, select the exchange direction, indicate the amount and your address, click “Next”. Confirm the operation. Send the cryptocurrency amount specified in the exchange order to the specified address. After a successful transaction, funds will be sent to your address.

Loyalty program

Does Trustee Wallet have a user reward program?

Yes, Trustee Wallet has a customer loyalty program. It consists of Cashback and a two-tier affiliate program, which ultimately allows you to receive up to 30% of Trustee commissions for purchases and sales of cryptocurrencies by invited users.

What is Cashback Link?

This is your personal link, by which you can invite a friend and receive a part of the commission for his purchase / sale of cryptocurrencies through a bank card.

How do I activate Cashback?

To activate, you need to invite one your friend via your Cashback link (it is available in the “Earn” section). Upon activation, you will receive 10% of the Trustee commission from your exchanges. This function is activated forever!

What are the conditions of the affiliate program?

Level 1 – 10% of the Trustee commission for buying and selling cryptocurrencies by invited users (activated from the first partner). The more friends install the wallet using your link, the more your income will be.

Level 2 – it is activated when the structure’s turnover exceeds 5000 USDT per week and will allow you to receive 10% of Trustee commissions from 2nd level users (partners of your partners).

Why is there no partner in the structure who registered using my Cashback link?

In order for the partner to appear in your structure, you need to install the application using your link, open the wallet and generate a new seed phrase. If after these actions there is no partner, then a mistake was made, but your partner can manually set you up as a senior partner by specifying your cashback link in the Cashback section.

What happens to my affiliate network if I lose my mobile device?

When building an affiliate network, the user is anonymously tied to his seed phrase, so when you install Trustee Wallet and import your seed phrase on a new device, the affiliate network will be resumed.

How to withdraw cashback and affiliate rewards?

The minimum withdrawal amount is 2 USDT.

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